Available cards made of precious metal

Available cards made of precious metal

Nothing is the same characteristic, bright and popular symbol of the gambling industry as playing cards. They are used in various games and perform as a symbol of many slot combinations. Innovations provide new prospects in the production of gold playing cards which can perform a wonderful souvenir.

It is known that gold playing cards can be produced on a base of two most popular technologies – simple foiling or casting. In the first case the cost of these cards is quite affordable and their popularity is increasing every day. As for casted gold cards, they are rather expensive and you can hardly find them at the game table.

The technology of gold foiling allows creating the thinnest gold coating nowadays, however putting the highest purity of gold 999 on the packing. The unique technological processes provides an opportunity to roll the foil to a thickness of 100 nanometers that takes less than 1 gram of gold for one plastic pack covering. The cost of such a deck varies from 10 to 30 dollars that is quite reasonable.

Playing cards which are entirely made of gold are produced only in Japan. An interesting technique that takes about 80 milligrams of gold for each card is developed there. Though even at such small expense, one card pack will cost 6 thousand dollars. This purchase can cost us a pretty penny.

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