European passion for casinos may be legal

European passion for casinos may be legal

The theme of gambling, casinos and online games is one of the most controversial and disputable in the modern world. The opinions of different countries concerning it are critically separated. A part of European countries strictly forbid gamblings while others allow the development of gambling only in some cases following specified terms and conditions.

Gamblings are legal and are based on a strict legislation only in 20 European countries. The majority of casinos and gambling houses are located in France. Besides, you can easily gamble in Poland and Italy, Montenegro and Monaco, Luxembourg and Macedonia, Sweden and Latvia, Spain and Great Britain. Malta and Gibraltar, Iceland, Portugal, Estonia, Norway, Belarus, Germany and Finland absolutely loyally treat the players who reached 18. In addition, several countries of Old Europe perform legislative work of making gambling business available and legal nowadays. In particular, Cyprus casino doors are to open for all gambling judges in the nearest future.

The interesting attitude to gamblings developed in Poland and Sweden. You can easily gamble in casinos there, but there is a set of restrictions concerning online games. Besides, a strict ban on casino advertising still works in these counties.

It is not allowed to play online slots in Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia and Greece. This activity is pursued under the law therefore people will hardly risk. Hungary appeared to be farsighted in this regard. The authorities of this country allowed online gambling only in local casinos in order to save profit in the country.

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