A casino on the edge of the world appeared to be quite successful

A casino on the edge of the world appeared to be quite successful

Chile is a small outlying country of the word civilization. Geographically the territory of this country is in South America, however many consider this place the ends of the earth. The country is divided into provinces and Santa Cruz is the center of one of them. The city of Colchagua that has a fashionable casino, not different in many respects from modern American gambling establishments is located here.

«Colchagua Casino» which name is formed from the city name was opened in 2008. The casino was built in record time and the construction took incredibly little sum- less than 8 million dollars. By the standards of modern casinos it is really very modest sum but the gambling house turned out to be not modest at all.

Casino owners couldn't find investors for the construction therefore the money of the proprietor, the businessman Karlom Kardoyen was used. As a result, the city has a unique building of 4 thousand square meters. So everyone can find a great variety of entertainments he is interested in. Besides classic tables for card games «Colchagua Casino» also has bingo and few hundred slots. Several halls for non-smoking visitors make a great advantage of the gambling house.

In addition to the visitors entertaining «Colchagua Casino» performs a social function. The fifth part of casino profit goes to the budget of local municipality for roads repair, lightening and other urban needs.

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