Gamblings in the history of France

Gamblings in the history of France

It is difficult to believe that gambling development of European countries had a tremendous influence on the adoption of many decisions in France. Especially brightly it concerned the period from the end of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century when lots of events happened to this European country. The Bolshevik Revolution was replaced by the times of Napoleon reign whose army was defeated in the war against the Russian Empire. But what's that got to do with gamblings? An answer is rather simple.

The matter is that representatives of the Paris Commune who had come to the power in France in 1798 imposed a strict ban on any gamblings. In a few years when Napoleon became the head of France the ban was completely liquidated. The emperor saw revenues from gambling as a great source of army financing which he pinned tremendous hopes on. For a few years France turned into the European passion center and managed to maintain its title up to the defeat of Napoleon's army in the war.

Having lost the war and the state power Napoleon handed over all public affairs to new authorities. They decided that gambling had no place in France therefore banned it and proclaimed casino business illegal. Such recession led to the fact that France lost its world leader title in the gambling industry.

That situation enured the neighboring tiny state of Monaco. Earlier, the treasury of the country was formed due to the selling of lemons and olives in the world market. But having found out about the vacant niche Monaco authorities started to build casinos developing gambling and attracting fans of gambling to the country. Thus, negative attitude of French authorities to gamblings acted in Monaco's favour.

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