The ban on gambling for their ownpeople

The ban on gambling for their "own"people

Monaco is a small European state in the territory of which the European capital of gambling – the city of Monte-Carlo is situated. A great number of casinos and other gambling institutions which attract new visitors with bright and interesting advertising are concentrated in several streets there. The entrance to any of Monte-Carlo casinos is free for all world inhabitants, except the citizens of Monaco.

For the first time such a ban was introduced in the middle of the 19th century. Then the world game industry just began its development, therefore the first legislative acts appeared in many countries. At that moment the residents of Monaco got the ban on gambling. To compensate for it all citizens of the state were free from income tax payment that made a significant sum in the conditions of rather good European income.

Nowadays the authorities of the country are sure that such ban is absolutely correct and has to exist in the future. According to the words of local dwellers they have already got used to such normative act and absolutely quietly treat the fact that they can't play in the casino. The fans of gambling can leave their country and visit any liked gambling establishment abroad. The same ban also exists in the Bahamas where a lot of large and popular casinos are located.

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