The one-armed bandit presented to the waitress 35 million dollars

"The one-armed bandit" presented to the waitress 35 million dollars

The major event in the gambling industry happened in 2000. At the end of January the fate smiled to a simple waitress Cynthia Jay. She played one-armed bandit slot and broke the bank of 35 million dollars.

Cynthia decided to visit a casino to have a rest from a hard working day and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. The woman couldn't play high stakes as she had the sum of 27 dollars. But that sum of money was quite enough to play several parties on one-armed bandit. The lady decided to risk then. She lost few dollars and almost despaired of winning a prize. The loud sound which attracted attention of people around was distributed at that moment. Cynthia amazedly stared at the slot screen- she had won a jackpot.

At that moment the sum of the jackpot of that slot which was a part of a single Megabucks system reached 35 million dollars due to expels of all previous players. A bit later the woman realized she could earn such sum of money at her work only in 1165 years.

However only in a few months the life of the millionaire changed greatly. She got into a serious accident and lost the ability to walk. In the interview Cynthia told she was ready to pay all her money to become the healthy person again. The won money helped woman in her treatment.

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