The inverse image of a roulette was created by Pascal

The inverse image of a roulette was created by Pascal

A roulette is an essential attribute of any modern casino. It is a unique instrument in the form of the rotating mechanism with a special scale that is used for the game of the same name. The roulette was created a long time ago and therefore the story of its emergence is shrouded in fog. There is a huge set of versions of roulette origin. Someone is sure it was invented by handymen from China; others consider France to be a homeland of the roulette.

According to the most popular version the game instrument called "roulette" appeared due to the famous French scientist Blaise Pascal. The well-known invention of Pascal's triangle is called to be its prototype. Besides, the thoughts about the idea of perpetual motion creation helped to invent the roulette, or the mechanism very similar to it.

There is no secret that Blaise Pascal was in poor health. He often consulted doctors who tried not just to cure his regular disease, but also to strengthen an immunity of the scientist. Once the doctors advised Pascal to visit a gambling house. To their mind it would have helped him to reveal nervous and emotional stress that could be a reason of the increased morbidity. To be dispelled and distracted from the constant scientific thoughts Pascal followed the advice of physicians. After several parties of a dice game the scientist began thinking that all games in a casino depended on the laws of probability theory.

When Pascal had a toothache he decided to busy himself with mathematical reflections to forget about the pain. Then the idea to calculate the probability to win a prize in lotto where there were 36 tickets came to his mind. Soon the same amount of pockets appeared on the roulette wheel. The toothache of Pascal turned out to be prophetical.

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