Lucky number 17 for Sean Connery

Lucky number "17" for Sean Connery

A lot of Hollywood stars, intellectuals and other celebrities often visit a casino. In these institutions they can not just spend huge sums of money but also relax in a pleasant company. The atmosphere of the casino reduces stress and special technologies allow forgetting about time and surrounding problems quickly.

Sean Connery is a popular casino fan. This actor, who acted a part of the secret agent James Bond, in the majority of the existing movies about him, is incredibly venturesome. The fortune often smiles to him and Connery wins quite good prizes. The most significant case happened to him in January, 1963. He visited a large Italian "San Vincent" casino then. He managed to win 30 thousand dollars just for three parties in a row. It is interesting that in each of those three winning parties Sean Connery betted on "17" and it appeared to be lucky for him. Rejoiced in his good luck the actor decided to stop playing on that great prize. After such case Connery often visited different gambling establishments but didn’t manage to get such brilliant wins.

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