American roulette

American roulette

American roulette is the version of the classic European roulette, one of the oldest and the most popular gamblings. Such kind of the game with some changes was thought up in the United States that led to the particular game name.

Actually the game itself is a roulette wheel (where a ball is thrown) and a game table where bets are usually made. The pockets with 1-38 numbers that are placed in a random order on black and red fields are located on the wheel. There is also a 0 symbol (Zero). Besides, American roulette has two zeros - 0, 00 on the wheel. After a throw the ball lands on a certain pocket which becomes a winning number. All players can bet on any group of numbers, one number or a color. A payment occurs after the match of the number and the landed figure. As for an online casino, obviously a computer defines the landed figure with the help of a random number generator. In some casinos the game is held at real tables, everyone plays in real time.

The main difference of American roulette is the existence of two 0 and 00 symbols that increase the percentage of casino winning. Besides, the numbers are placed a bit differently on the roulette wheel therefore, all beginners should pay attention to it.

In American variant of the game players bet with chips of a definite color that can be marked with nominal value if they wish. Such chips have a special sign to define what table they belong to and defend the casino from swindlers. They are called the «color». The traditional table of American roulette is much smaller than of European one. Also, American roulette has a set of unique rules first of all regarding the payments to winners and losers. The collection and distribution of chips are made by hands.

A variety of American roulette winning strategies can be created. But the casino will always have odds of 1, 3-5, 3 percent even in ideally random roulette (depends on the roulette type and kinds of bets). There is an opportunity just to change a variance, but not mathematically expected result by means of using various game systems. The systems that are based on bet value changes taking into account previous winning and losing bets are the most popular among gamblers. The systems by Donald-Nathanson, D'alembert, Whittacker and the most famous Martingale one are among them. Also, there are systems based on binomial distribution, « the law of large numbers », « chaos theory » and others.

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