Slots are the most popular entertainment in any live casino. Actually, they bring more profits to casinos than the rest board games altogether. What makes slots so popular? Simplicity, affordability and real prizes.

Thus, a slot is a special machine that has many types but operates on the single principle. The purpose of the game is to collect such combinations providing the prize within a certain period of time. Classic slots in traditional casinos contain a computer chip- the random number generator. It defines the landing of symbols.

A wonderful screen with rolling reels covered with various symbols, numbers, images, etc. is placed in front of players. There are 3-5 reels and all the symbols reflect the theme of particular slot. In addition to ordinary symbols you can sometimes find such characters like bonuses, scatter, joker or a principle of image substitute.

Modern slots always develop and improve becoming more varied in theme. As for sound and graphics quality they are much better than in the movie industry. However the game principle doesn’t change over time. The player pulls the lever of «bandit» or pushes «start» starting reels. Afterwards they stop and reflect a set of symbols from 3 to 10. If any of symbol combination is among winning variants the player gets a particular sum.

As for the slot variety you can find about 100-200 slots in the biggest Las Vegas casino. Though, it is a rareness. Usual live casinos contain about 40 ones.

There are lots of strategies, secrets and game tips for a successful game of various gamblings. Players purposefully created them as if they controlled and rule the game. Meanwhile, no strategy can guarantee regular winnings on slots. It is impossible to apply mathematical and logical techniques playing on slots, therefore you should only rely on Dame Fortune.

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