Blackjack is one of the most popular world casino card games which is characterized by the lowest level of a gambling institution profit. The principle of the game is to collect 21 points or as closer as possible to it amount, but no more points. Thus, not only Dame Fortune but also your own skills can help you to win. Simple rules, easy counting strategy and dynamics make this game extremely popular.

6 standard decks of 52 cards are usually used in a real casino. However, online casino packs as a rule are endless. Therefore the probability for each card is similar no matter how many ones were dropped out before. Cards with figures are estimated according to their written numbers (nine – 9 eight – 8 etc.). Each image has ten points. Ace is 1 or 11 points. As for the suits, they don’t matter. Ace or ten (actually 10 or any image itself) is called Blackjack, the highest combination. Its value exceeds 21 points that it collected with other cards.

The game is held between the player and casino. As a rule a private table is created for players online. However, in some establishments it is possible to play at usual one as well as in real casino. In this case the winnings and losses of other players don’t matter.

There are main variations of the game:

  •  basic: an open dealer's card and a hole card
  •  European: the dealer takes the second card only when all players have already done it. When the dealer collects blackjack all additional bets (except "insurance") are given back.

Numerous variants that have their own names like Double Exposure (open blackjack), 3 Card Blackjack, Blackjack Switch , Spanish 21, Caribbean 21 , Super Fun 21, Pontoon and many others are based on blackjack.

Even though blackjack is similar to the rest casino games now it has a significant difference. The game can be mathematically analyzed. At least once a lot of people heard about some magic cards counting due to which it is possible to win. And that’s true. Actually, there is no magic, but various simple and complex card counting systems giving odds against the casino.

Besides counting systems you should understand the system of bankroll management and betting, be disciplined and restrained, know an optimal strategy for specific rules and tie everything together into this mechanism.

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