Bones (or craps) is an ancient gambling. It is noteworthy that in ancient times Arabs called bones a real passion. This game is played at a casino table with high sides so the bones cannot shoot out the table. Such game table differs in field sectors where bets (chips) are made. Theoretically both live and online casinos contain various rounds. However, in practice such division remains absolutely conditional. The duration of the game also varies.

Available for players bets differ in order they should be made. For example, some bets are made right before the start of the game (in fact before the bones roll that is called сome out roll). And the rest ones are made after the first come out roll. There is also a separate bet category-you can bet any time you want before and after the start of the game. The betting order is a significant feature of game rules. If you are good at betting system you will become familiar with craps.

So the start of the next game is determined by the sum of rolled points: if two, three, eleven or twelve come after the first roll the game is finished. Then a dealer calculates the prize and divides it among players earning loosing bets in a casino favor. Soon the game is started again.

In a case when four, five, six, eight, nine or ten come after the first roll a longer game is waiting for the players. A special On washer that symbolizes a point is placed on the field with rolled number. The game lasts until the point drops out after the next roll (the same figure or seven). Estimates of loss and winning are conducted after each roll of the dice.

The modern game contains the following main bet types (work for both live and online casinos):

• on Pass Line. It can be made before the start of the game till the point is not defined yet. The bet remain on the table until the point rolls out. Then the bet is considered to be successful. The bet on Pass Line also wins in situations when a sum of seven or eleven points rolls out after the first dice roll.

• on Come: is made after determining the point. Chips are placed on Come field, If the sum of four, five, six, eight, nine or ten rolls out in a result, chips move to the field with point number. If two, three or twelve come the bet loses (or if seven rolls out after the point change). The bet wins if seven or eleven drops out after the next roll.

• on Don’t Pass Bar. This bet is a reverse of Pass Line. It wins if after the first roll the sum equals three or two and after the following dice rolls- seven. If the sum of twelve points rolls out after the first roll the bet is given back to the player. The bet is made before the point is defined.

• on Don’t Come Bar. This bet is a reverse of Come. It is placed after determining the point on an appropriate field. If the point is defined after the next roll the bet is moved to an empty field located above the sector of an appropriate point number. The dealer can return the bet without any changes if two rolls out after the next roll. If three or twelve drops out (or after the change of point seven) the bet wins. And the bet loses when seven or eleven rolls out after the next roll of the dice. In fact this bet always loses when the bet on Come is always winning and vice versa.

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