Craps is one of the most popular gamblings that uses special dice. Players roll the dice one by one. Rolled out combinations determine winners. Six face dice (we need 2 pieces) is used for the game. Actually, all the bets on any sum of points that are expected to roll out are made on the table tagged fields.

The game can be played by any amount of people. They can leave and restart the game again whenever they want. One of them rolls 2 dice so that it should touch the opposite edge of the table and stop tight there. There are two phases of the game. At first, the player makes one roll. If two, three of twelve (these points are called craps) roll out the player immediately losses and wins if he has seven or eleven. When four, five, six, eight, nine or ten roll out the players gains his point that must be confirmed in the following game. Then the player rolls dice until his point meaning the win, or seven meaning the loss drops out.

Players bet on various combinations playing craps. There are also common gaming terms:

  •  CRAPS: number two, three, twelve
  •  «7-OUT»: any 7 while playing the point (in a way 7 rolls out all made on point number bets loose)
  •  POINT: any number of four, five, six, eight, nine or ten that rolls out with Com Out Roll
  •  «COME OUT ROLL»: the first and the rest following rolls before points setting
  •  «NO ROLL»: no game.

Practically all online casinos as well as live gambling houses offer a classic craps variant. As for game differences they concern only a set of available bets, payouts, table layouts and other less significant aspects. Software producers for online gambling attract players with realistic and bright interface. It makes the game not only exciting, but also allows decreasing casino odds without learning complex strategies as for example in videopoker or blackjack.

The advantages of online craps:

  •  An opportunity to play in convenient atmosphere
  •  A possibility to choose particular models by certain producers
  •  A lack of queues to tables
  •  A conversation with players in online chat
  •  Additional bonuses for the game in online casino.
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