European Roulette

European Roulette

European roulette is a classic kind of gamblings that appeared in the 18th century and remained practically unchanged. Such entertainment of the European aristocracy became the major type among all roulette kinds. It’s a good combination of gambling and profitability, therefore it has become so popular.

Thirty six numbers (1-36) and 0 (ZERO) are reflected on the red and black field of the «European» wheel. So that’s why this game is also called a "single zero roulette". The location of numbers in comparison with the American version is more chaotic there. ZERO is situated separately and differs in green color. As far as there is only one ZERO there are less chances that a casino will have odds. The aim of the game is the same as in American roulette: to guess the number a ball will land.

Bet types practically don’t differ from those that exist in the classic roulette. They depend on the location on the game table. There are also inside bets that are made on marked numbers. Thus, it is possible to bet on 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 numbers. Outside bets are made on a special field that is located on the figures side. They can be made, for example, on dozen (twelve numbers at once), on column (twelve numbers), on odd or even of the next figure (eighteen numbers at once), on number value (eighteen numbers from the 1st to 18th or from 19th to 36th) on color (eighteen numbers). The main difference of the European roulette compared to the classic one is that call bets are not allowed there.

The game process conforms to all standards: at first a croupier starts the roulette, then the ball and then people make bets. An online roulette accepts bets till the last 3 spins and after that the rest bets are invalid. Dame Fortune smiles on the player whose bet, starting from the 1st to 36th number, matches the slot number where the spin or a ball lands. It’s also possible to double the bet while betting for example on dozen or making other outside bets. The value of the winning directly depends on the amount of made bets. For instance, the winning with 2 inside bets increases up to 18:1 etc. If ZERO lands on the roulette wheel the casino owns all the bets.

European roulette differs in higher probability of the winning (twice higher). Therefore, it is easier to beat that American one as the casino odds make 2, 63 percent against 5,26 percent of American roulette.

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