French Roulette

French Roulette

French Roulette is considered to be the most profitable kind of roulettes for those who love gamblings and equal bet chances. The absence of additional 00 sector (double zero) the classic roulette has and the existence of extra rules that offsets the loss of players to a certain extent made it extremely popular. Nowadays this kind of roulette can be found in traditional gambling establishments and in numerous online casinos.

French roulette also has 37 sectors including one zero sector and the rest black and red sectors with the range of 1-36 numbers. The principle of such gambling is the same as in other variations of this game- players have to make one or few different bets before the game starts. Then a croupier starts the roulette, throws a ball and after the ball lands he announces a result. The player wins in a way he guesses the sector the ball lands. The size of a prize depends on the type of the made bet.

As for the difference, we can find it right on the table. Everything is written in French there. The main designations of terms: Impair — odd; Pair — even; Passe — numbers of the strongest half (19-36); Mangue — numbers of the weakest half (1-18).

In comparison with usual casino where it is possible to make bets after the roulette is already started (even a few minutes before the croupier announces the closing of betting) playing French roulette, in online casinos it is possible to bet only before the start of roulette spin.

Of course there are two types of bets in French roulette. They are inside and outside ones. However, there are also special additional bets which are called Cell Bets. Actually, specifically this variant of the game has five kinds:

  •  one third of the wheel (Tiers du Cylindre): is a bet on twelve numbers opposite Zero;
  •  neighbours of zero (Voisins du Zero): are bets on seventeen numbers zero reflected between on the wheel;
  •  orphans (Orphelins): are bets on the rest eight numbers;
  •  Finales a Cheval: is a bet on the group of numbers ending in 2 specific figures, for example: 3, 4, 13, 14, 23, 24, 33, 34;
  •  Finales en Plein: is a bet on the group of numbers ending in the specific figure, for example: 5, 15, 25, 35.

One more important difference of French roulette is call bets (bets which are usually made taking into account the location of numbers not on the table, but on the roulette wheel).

While European roulette with one zero has odds of 2, 7 percent the French variant makes the percent even lower due to particular rules.

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