Keno is one of the most popular gamblings. Players bet on numbers reflected on the scoreboard. Twenty random numbers of 80 possible ones drop out being displayed on the scoreboard. The main purpose is to guess as much as possible numbers.

The game process is similar to bingo or standard lottery such as «Sportlotto» that was rather popular in Soviet times. It was a bit modified keno variant. It is very easy to play keno as the game has quite simple rules. A lottery machine (tote board), 80 numbered balls and game cards where participants should note a particular amount of numbers (from 1to 20) are used in the game. Then with the help of the lottery machine an emcee takes a certain amount of numbered balls (maximum 20 as a rule) announcing winning numbers. This process is totally automated in modern casinos. The more announced figures match the numbers noted by the player the bigger his prize is.

The winning in keno depends on two factors: the amount of chosen numbers and the quantity of matched chosen numbers with dropped out figures. Also the prize is calculated taking into account the initial player’s bet, «basic bet» of payout table. The more numbers the player choses and the more of them match, the bigger final payment is. The system and the size of payments vary in different casinos.

The probability that the participant will correctly mark all twenty numbers of twenty dropped out ones makes about 1 of 3.5 quintillion. Thus, if all the people in the world would play keno each second nowadays, only one of them would break the jackpot having guessed 20 numbers.

Keno is interesting for its results and their expectations are always very exciting. This game depends on good luck therefore both competent winners and unexperienced players have equal winning chances.

As for online keno, the game process is automated there. The drawing in the traditional game is carried out with the help of numbered balls that are similar to ping-pong ones. Keno has numerous varied types; therefore this game is in the top of popular live and online casino games.

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