Video poker is a popular game based on rules of five-card draw poker. It is played on a computerized console or online. Its purpose is to collect any possible winning combination. The higher combination is the huger prize you win.

Nowadays lots of online casinos present various videopoker types that significantly differ from a particular model. The main difference between usual card poker and the video analogue is a game process and the process of winning payout. The traditional poker is just a card game while videopoker is actually a slot. Thus, playing usual poker a player doesn’t know how much money he is able to win as the bank is formed only during the game. However, playing the videopoker the player exactly knows the prize for the formation of a certain winning combination. Therefore the main aim is to collect the highest combination.

«Royal Flush» (five one-colored cards from ten to an ace) is the highest poker combination. If any five consecutive cards of the same suit are collected such combination is called "Straight Flush". There is also «Four of a kind» – four identical cards in order of seniority, for example, kings. «Full House» – 3 cards of one rank and 2 of another, for instance 2 aces and 3 fives is the next card combination. A player makes «Flush» having collected five different cards of one color, The combination of any five consecutive cards is called « Straight ». The combination of 3 one-rank cards is called «Three of a kind». Then comes «Two pair»- the combination of 2 one-type cards and 2 of another one (2 queens and 2 sevens). The weakest combination is made by two one-type cards called «Pair».

The game process is rather simple: a gambler makes a bet and takes a hand of 5 cards. It is possible to fold any amount of cards and get the same amount from the pack to improve the game combination. If dealt cards are rather good the player don’t need to change them at all. In a case when after all card manipulations one winning combination is collected the player wins.

The total amount of videopoker versions has already exceeded few hundreds. They can differ in a number of pay lines (1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 and even 100 lines), the absence or existence of the progressive jackpot (as a rule you can win if having collected Royal Flush) or in payouts (for example, in one casino you can win a prize in a ratio of 50 to 1for Four of a kind while on another one it will make – 40 to1 or 30 to 1).

Nowadays «Double Triple», «Jacks or Better», «Joker Poker», «Aces and Faces», «Sevens Wild», «Double Joker Poker » and « Deuces Wild » are the most popular kinds of videopoker.

There is no necessity to monitor other players as there are simply no gamblers. You should only thoroughly focus on collecting the combination. Due to that videopoker is considered to be easier than a traditional one.

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