If you play in dirty clothes, it means you can win.
Initially, there was only one betting round in poker.
The maximum win in poker history is 9,152,416 dollars. The owner became Peter Eastgate, a Danish player, in 2008.
If there is a dog in the room, where poker is played, it means an omen of misfortune.
20 out of 44 US presidents played poker.
The name of a poker card game derived from the following words: the French «Poque», the German «Pochen» and the English «Brag».
Chris Ferguson
One poker day is 90% luck and 10 % skill. One poker year is 10% luck and 90 % skill.
Erik Seidel
Hard work and passion for your craft - are the keys to success. You should realize that most likely you will have to modify your strategy constantly otherwise you will find stagnation and collapse. Every day you must be better than yesterday. If you can perform this simple rule you will succeed.
Doyle Brunson
I’m a gambler. I’ll always be one. I couldn’t be anything else.
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