The card combination 88 is called Snowmen.
The world record of a poker game was 90 hours. An Irishman, Phil Laak, entered the Guinness Book of Records.
A chip size is always the same – 39 mm in diameter.
Badugi, a type of poker, was named after the Korean spotted breed of dogs.
Scientists claim that the deck of cards has a metaphysical value: 52 cards mean 52 weeks of year, 4 colors are seasons, and 13 cards of one suit – 13 phases of a lunar cycle.
There are more than 130 varieties of poker.
Thomas Austin Amarillo Slim Preston
It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid.
Walter Pearson
Losing is like smoking. It's habit.
Daniel Negreanu
I have no boss to tell me what to do. I play whenever I want. That’s the freedom I didn’t have before.
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