If there is a dog in the room, where poker is played, it means an omen of misfortune.
F. Hellmuth, who won WSOP, shaved bald, after he had been predicted failure in WSOP outcome.
The reason for most wins in poker is, oddly enough, not a good game, but the ability to force opponents to make mistakes.
The first mention of poker dates from 16th century.
In most Indian states the playing cards are round.
20 out of 44 US presidents played poker.
Thomas Austin Amarillo Slim Preston
It never hurts for potential opponents to think you’re more than a little stupid.
Walter Pearson
Losing is like smoking. It's habit.
Chris Ferguson
One poker day is 90% luck and 10 % skill. One poker year is 10% luck and 90 % skill.
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