Facts about poker

There are 2,598,960 of various poker combinations that can be made out of a poker deck.
The probability of a Royal Flush is 0.0002%.
The maximum win in poker history is 9,152,416 dollars. The owner became Peter Eastgate, a Danish player, in 2008.
Previously, the Ace was not the highest card in a deck, it considered to be the lowest one, and the highest was the King.
An American, Alex Hamstry, in 1994, at the table of one of the casinos of Las Vegas (Mirage) made a Royal Flush.
A chip size is always the same – 39 mm in diameter.
In most Indian states the playing cards are round.
There are more than 130 varieties of poker.
In the world, poker ranks third among TV viewers, the first and second ones are football and rally.
For the first time, Texas Hold'em, a type of poker, was played in Robstown, Texas, in the early 20th century. The game was brought to Las Vegas by a group of Texas players, among whom there were Doyle Brunson, Crandell Addington and Amarillo Slim.
20 out of 44 US presidents played poker.
The reason for most wins in poker is, oddly enough, not a good game, but the ability to force opponents to make mistakes.
After 15 minutes of a continuous game, there is a deck of cards change in a casino.
"Dead Man's Hand» is a card combination AA88, which received its name after "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot, holding these cards in his hands. The meaning of the fifth card is unknown.
Phil Hellmuth is a record-holder of WSOP bracelets. He has 11 bracelets.
The first mention of poker dates from 16th century.
The most representative poker tournament was held in the framework of “World Series of Poker”, it was attended by 6,598 players. An American, Greg Merson, succeeded and managed to win $8.5 million.
Poker is the most popular card game in the world.
Strong poker players are called "sharks", and the weak ones – "fish".
A professional poker player, Paul Tsimbler, in 2009, was playing for about 74 hours and 20 minutes with 183 volunteer players, most of whom were also professionals.
In poker, a term "nuts" means the best hand in a given situation.
In 2009, in Vancouver, there was the FIRST poker championship between a man and a bot. The battle between the man and the bot was serious, two famous professional players lost out to the bots, but, on the results, the players won!
Phil Ivey is considered to be the richest and most successful poker player today. His fortune is estimated at approximately $25 million.
J. Moss is the only WSOP winner, who has not won any event of the tournament.
F. Hellmuth, who won WSOP, shaved bald, after he had been predicted failure in WSOP outcome.
Psychologists have done some research and found out that perfectly matched music can be a great stimulant for playing poker.
If there is a dog in the room, where poker is played, it means an omen of misfortune.
Two world tournaments were won by D. Brunson with the poker hands of 2 and 10. Now this card is called by his name.
About 70 million of poker cards are bought in the United States annually.
The name of a poker card game derived from the following words: the French «Poque», the German «Pochen» and the English «Brag».
Initially, there was only one betting round in poker.
The world record of a poker game was 90 hours. An Irishman, Phil Laak, entered the Guinness Book of Records.
Badugi, a type of poker, was named after the Korean spotted breed of dogs.
A hand with cards J7 was named "Jack Daniels" after whiskey with the same name.
In 1937, card manufacturers added the fifth suit, in the US it was green, and in the UK – blue. But that brand new suit did not survive, and the card production with it was stopped by the manufacturers.
In Europe, playing cards came in 1300, and for the first time they were invented in China in 1120 AD.
In 1985 B. Smith won WSOP tournament, who was under the influence of alcohol at that time.
If you play in dirty clothes, it means you can win.
The card combination 88 is called Snowmen.
Sum up all the values of pack cards and you will get 365 days (including joker).
Scientists claim that the deck of cards has a metaphysical value: 52 cards mean 52 weeks of year, 4 colors are seasons, and 13 cards of one suit – 13 phases of a lunar cycle.
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