David Baazov

Biography David Baazov

The future owner of the two largest poker rooms in the world, David Baazov was born in 1980, in Israel. His parents had Georgian origin, after the birth of their child they moved to Canada, and settled in Montreal. From the early childhood, David showed mathematical abilities. Later, at school, he was called a genius of Mathematics, because even experienced teachers met such pupils seldom. At the age of 16,David decided that the school was not interested to him anymore. He told the parents that he would leave his school, for which he was kicked out of the house. The young man slept on the benches for several weeks, but, at the same time, he was proud of his decision. Soon, he was supported by an unfamiliar married couple, and opened a small computer shop. In 2001, David Baazov turned his company into a multimillion-dollar business with the highest rates of profitability. It took another four years, and, in 2005, Baazov decided to sell the company, and to develop computer programs. He founded Amaya, which quickly took a leading niche on the market of software. In 2010, the company's revenue exceeded $6 million.

Gradually, David Baazov and his Amaya acquired small companies, which worked in the sphere of development of gaming applications and tools. For two years, he increased the working capital, and, in 2012, he purchased Cadillac Jack company. That was the first Baazov’s major deal, the price of which reached $117 million. The successful purchase increased profitability of Amaya, and the figure reached $36 million.

Inlate 2013, David Baazov decided to buy the biggest poker room PokerStars from its owners, Isai and Mark Scheinbergs. Despite the fact that Rational Group business was not perfect, the Scheinbergs didn’t plan to sell their offspring. The company owned the rights of PokerStars and FullTilt, that’s why Baazov wanted to get it in all possible ways. The cost of Rational Group amounted to 4.9 billion dollars, but Baazov had only three billion dollars. The rest of the money, after a thorough check of profitability of the deal, was invested by Blackstone company. The deal was recognized as the world's biggest in online gaming.

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