Chris Ferguson
One poker day is 90% luck and 10 % skill. One poker year is 10% luck and 90 % skill.

Chris Ferguson

One of the best players of the world poker industry, Chris Ferguson,began his professional career at a zero bankroll. Due to his tenacity and an incredible talent, he managed to prove that, for just a year and half, one can earn a good start-up capital, and win a good amount in poker, even without initial investments. He is known by the nickname Jesus. He has five gold bracelets of the WSOP, and he is also the winner of the European Poker Tour.

Ferguson is the author of numerous master classes of freeroll games, his partners and competitors respect him. He introduced a term “bankroll management”, which implies a thorough and thoughtful bankroll management in a game play.

He is a supporter of the use of mathematical methods of the game. Ferguson believes the intellectual side of poker to beits core, he builds a game strategy on this statement.

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