Poker superstitions

Poker superstitions

The great card game enjoyed by many Earth inhabitants has been shrouded in mysteries and secrets from the period of its formation. Today the part of these legends is dispelled; however till the present day poker is closely connected with superstitions. The majority of professional players believe in superstitions and can even fold if an unfavorable card from their point of view had fallen into the hands.

The successful sign for the poker player is to touch the lucky or favorite card before the competition starts. You have to wear filthy or even dirty clothes to scare away bad luck in poker. So, by the way, the frequent participants of the largest professional tournaments act in such way. It is not allowed to cross legs or hands during the game as this action closes the way for luck.

Always take the cards of any party only with the right hand. If the gamer had distracted and took by chancethe cards with the left one it is better to pass, as this game is to be lost with a great probability. Despite this, there are some players who try to deny such superstitions with their actions and often manage to do it.

The regular visitors of certain casinos always have their lucky dealers and fortunate places that can bring them good luck in the next game. Sometimes the fans of online poker use this rule.

It is a bad luck to drop a card during the game. The skilled players say that bad mood can attract failure, so always sit down at the table with a smile on your face.

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