The year of brothers Mizrachi wins

The year of brothers Mizrachi wins

Dynasties in poker can be met rarely. However there are interesting exceptions in any rule which usually capture public’s attention. Brothers Mizrachi who became incredibly popular in 2010 could confirm it once again.

The story began when the elder brother Michael Mizrachi could win a tournament for highrollers with bye – in of 50 thousand dollars. This player with "The Grinder" nickname managed to run away from his eminent rivals easily. Thanks to that he could earn more than 1, 5 million dollars. Then the brother’s procession in World Poker Series was continued.

In few months Michael's brother Robert Mizrachi took the fifth place in one of tournaments of World Poker Series. That victory was very significant in his career. In the following tournament of World Poker Series Robert and Michael participated at the game table together, however they didn’t manage to get the victory.

4 Mizrachi brothers - Michael, Robert, Danny and Erik took part in the Main Event of World Poker Series. Everyone wanted to win in a tournament but good luck smiled only to elder Michael. Though he didn’t manage to become one of the winners, he took the fifth place that is also not bad.

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