Poker for American president

Poker for American president

Numerous researches of sociologists confirm that during many years the Americans remain the most venturous and gambling nation. About 25 percent of Americans play poker constantly and the same amount of people can't call it hobby, though sometimes like to play some games. It is also known that 19 of 43 American Presidents were avid poker players, and one of them - Richard Nixon even managed to become famous in this area.

The 37th future US President Richard Nixon spent several months in the navy during the World War II. He became fond of poker right there and could even win the impressive sum – 6 thousand dollars. If we transfer this income to the modern currency, we will get the sum of more than 40 thousand dollars. Nixon didn't spend such impressive profit on empty entertainments. He used money to organize his electioneering 1946, which helped him to become a member of Congress.

By the way, Nixon is sometimes called the founder of the psychological strategies in poker. In his autobiography Nixon wrote he could see all his rivals through. Richard Nixon was sure that players who bluffed always fussed and behaved restlessly. The owners of good cards, on the contrary, usually talked a little bit and showed self-confidence.

Being accepted to high political circles of America, Nixon continued playing poker, though it happened seldom. In 1952 when the career of the future president went uphill and he became Eisenhower's assistant, Nixon understood that poker and political success were incompatible. Since then he stopped playing, and never took the cards to hands.

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