Amazing application for iOS

Amazing application for iOS

Nowadays the open Chinese poker is a popular kind of the game. The interesting rules of the game attract venturesome participants of tournaments. The famous player Barry Greenstein who is the member of PokerStars Pro team, decided to learn online Chinese poker, and installed a special application on his iPhone.

The first tours were rather successful and Greensteinwas not surprised he could win or lose from 10 to 25 dollars in each circle of the game. Then Barry started to increase his bets according to the recommendation of his opponent. Soon Greenstein realized that his rival often got the winning card at the right moment. It caused certain suspicions, therefore Greenstein decided to sort it seriously out.

The player left a tournament and became the outsider. Barry invited his nephew who was a programmer to help him. He easily detected the program, and found out that there were not just several ways to see the dropping-out card in advance, but to change the combinations that were already out of the game. So the fraud was solved. Greenstein published some messages in PokerStars blog to warn gamers about such peculiarity of the program.

Nowadays the iOS application for the open Chinese poker exists, the errors are corrected and it is impossible to reiterate such frauds. However the reputation of the program producer is lost and it will be quite difficult to return it.

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