Infamous Absolute Poker

Infamous Absolute Poker

The emergence of the super user in a poker network always threatens with a scandal and can become the reason of many troubles. Such situation happened in 2007 to the popular Absolute Poker network. The rumors about the fraud of this operator started to spread all over the world and its reputation was seriously spoiled.

For the first time the suspicions about the super user absolutely accidently came to mind of CrazyMarco player. He took the second place in hands-up with PotRipper, the bye-in of that tournament made 1000 dollars. CrazyMarco asked the support service for his story of hands to sort the situation out. Though, they sent him the file with all tournament hands history by a mistake. It contained a lot of very valuable information which many people could analyze. Soon it became obvious that the winner of the tournament – PotRipper gamer played by a strange algorithm, and most likely it was a special program, but not a person.

The Absolute Poker Company claimed that experts hadn’t found the traces of super user game to restore their reputation and save the face in the world of gamblings. But they managed to record the fact of chip dumping therefore four players were blocked. An account of the winner was also among them.

Later it turned up that the reason of game network problems was the former consultant who had reported many times about the existed problems in the secure system. However his recommendations weren't heard therefore he decided to prove that the Absolute Poker network was really imperfect.

When the situation became public the Kahnawake gaming commission fined the administration of Absolute Poker for 500 thousand dollars. Besides, all the players of that tournament were given back the sum of buy-ins.

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