Venturesome Brad Pitt appeared at a game table

Venturesome Brad Pitt appeared at a game table

The well-known handsome masher Brad Pitt sometimes plays poker, especially while visiting various film festivals. In a recent game, he betted 25 thousand dollars, and lost this considerable sum per one hand.

Pitt arrived to Sundance Film Festival where he as the executive producer together with James Franco presented the new movie "True story". Afterthe fist night the actor was in high spirits and decided to visit the casino and relax a bit.

During first five hands Brad Pitt played modestly, but  it seemed quite a boring idea for him. Then the hero of the history decided to bring the spirit of adventurism, and concluded a bet with all attendees. He agreed with the public that anyone who would make something unusual would receive 25 thousand dollars from Pitt. After that he decided to play with his driver, and lost the game. As a result Pitt's employee got not just a prize, but also became the owner of an impressive award from his boss. Such space profit pleased the driver greatly.

In the discussion of this amazing news, the actor's spouse Angelina Jolie suggested that Brad Pitt was likely bluffing. Probably, he decided to reward the diligent worker in such a way, to the work of whom the celebrity had no complaints.

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