Moneymaker effect made poker popular

"Moneymaker effect" made poker popular

A lot of stories and even legends are composed about the victory of a simple player - Chris Moneymaker. Besides, all of them are started with player's surname as many people consider it is an alias. Actually, it is a real surname which occurred from the ancestors who were engaged in coinage in Germany.

Moneymaker got involved with poker at the age of 27. He had been working as an accountant, his salary left much to be desired, but soon he became a real Cinderella of the poker world. Moneymaker took part in World Series of Poker No Limit Hold'em Championship in 2003 having won one of the satellites with buy in of $ 39. Such victorycan be safely called a fairy one, and still it is discussed by lots of people.

By the way, in the final part of that game Moneymaker left alone with Sam Farha. Chris had full house that trumped Farha cards. The second place in this competition brought Farha $ 1.3 million thatmade him extremely happy. Moneymaker won $ 2.5 million, as well as the gold bracelet and the prestigious title of the winner.

Before the victory Moneymaker had the minimal gaming experience - he was familiar with poker for just three years. In addition, he had never participated in live tournaments as heplayed online ones. Therefore the prize of the huge sum inspired all poker beginners greatly. Since then the situation when the gamer wins in a major live tournament after the online qualifying competition with minimum buy-in is called "Moneymaker effect".

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