Under raise

- (prof.) a little-known rule in no-limit hold'em, when, after the all-in raise in the size that is less than the allowable raise, the players, who played earlier, cannot re-raise, they can only call. For example, the big blind is $1. ‘A’ player raises $4, ‘B’ player calls, ‘C’ player has $6 in a stack (a minimum re-raise has to be up to $7), he re-raises all up to $6. After that, ‘D’ player (who has not played yet) can re-raise one more, and then everybody can raise the bets again. But if no one raises, and the turn comes to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ players again, they cannot raise again, even if they have very large stacks, they can call only, and the game will be continued between them in the next round.
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