Chinese Open Face

Chinese Open Face

Chinese Poker, also known as 13-card poker, is a very unusual, rare, but exciting poker game, which was previously perceived only as a family game, but, in recent years, it has been increasingly included in the program of the largest live world tournaments. The main feature of Chinese Poker is the absence of the pot, as in usual types of poker. Therefore, there is no need for chips, and the whole game is played on the points that are awarded after the opponents’ hands comparison at the table. In certain situations, the players are awarded the bonuses (royalty). When you play for real money, every point has a certain, previously agreed, or established by the rules of table, value. The game recording in a real life is done on a standard sheet of paper.

There is a deck of 52 Chinese poker without Jokers cards,and there are from two to four people in the game. The aim of each player is to collect three combinations ("lines") out of the thirteen, received in the deal, cards. The first combination – "low hand" ("front" or “top”) consists of three cards, the second combination – "middle hand" ("central") consists of five cards, and the third one – "high hand" (“back”) also consists of five cards. The player must observe the order of precedence between the hands: the low one has to be the weakest of the three combinations, and the high, respectively, the strongest. The rule violation entails an automatic loss.

Chinese poker is considered to be the game for luck rather than skill-dependent. Nevertheless, you have to be able to make decisions timely, how to manage with the given line. During the game, there can be some ambiguous options, such as, whether to divide two pairs for getting flush,or donate the second full house to get a pair in the front line.

As a matter of course, the speed and accuracy of such decisions come with experience and skill.

Now there are two types of Chinese Poker:

  • closed-face Chinese Poker – the players get 13 cards face down;
  • open-faced (new) Chinese Poker – the players get the cards gradually, and spread them out face down on the boxes, first, five cards are dealt, then, one by one, until each player has 13 cards.
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