Courchevel poker, or simply Courchevel is a very young variation of Omaha.

Each player gets five pocket cards in Courchevel. Five community cards are also dealt, which form the "board". The final five-card combination has to be collected out of two pocket cards and three community cards on the board. The game is similar to a five-card Omaha, but it has a significant difference: the first community card is dealt after the pocket cards, that is, before the start of the action round on the flop.

As Omaha, Courchevel poker, in addition to the main varieties, dividing into three types, exists in the form of Courchevel Hi-Lo.

Courchevel poker is divided into three types:

  • with a fixed limit – each game and its each round has a specified betting limit;
  • no-limit – the player can bet any size;
  • pot-limit – the most popular type, when the player cannot place a bet higher than the size of the pot.
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