Five Card Draw poker, or California Split, perhaps, the oldest type of poker, more suitable for playing in a friendly company than for serious tournament battles. For this reason, Draw Poker is uncommon among online poker rooms.

Draw Poker became the founder of a number of its variations: A-5 Draw Poker and 2-7 Lowball. It is considered that Draw Poker and stood at the origins of both Five- and Seven Card Stud.

The rules simplicity of this type of poker has a friendly and family atmosphere for playing. There are from two to six people in the game. The start of the game exists in two versions: in the first one, each player makes a forced bet (ante) to the pot before the deal, in the second one – on the basis of Hold'em, two players, left of the dealer, make the small and big blinds. Each player gets 5 cards face down during the deal. After the first action round, the players can exchange from one to five cards from the hand for the cards from the deck. To win, you have to have the strongest hand at the table. The card hands correspond to the standard poker hands.

Like many other poker versions, Draw Poker is divided into three types:

  • fixed limit – there is a specified betting limit in each game and each round;
  • no limit – the player can bet any size;
  • pot limit – when the player cannot bet higher than the pot size.
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