Omaha H

Omaha H

Omaha Hi, more often – Omaha, is a type of poker, originated from Texas Hold'em, and, respectively, having almost the same rules of the game. The essential difference is that in Omaha the players, at the beginning of the distribution, does not get two pocket cards, but four ones, and afinal five-card combination the player have to collect from the two pocket cards and three community cards on the board.

This poker game is more complicated and unpredictable, as the presence of two pocket cards gives you more opportunities to make a strong combination, and, of course, complicates the analysis of the opponents’ hands on the gaming table. Therefore, the players of Omaha, having good card combinations, remain at the table longer, which increases the size of the pot, aggressiveness and spectacularity of the games.

Omaha is considered to be a family of games, because, in addition to the main varieties, dividing into three types, there is a five-card Omaha and Omaha High-Low. Omaha is divided into three types:

  • with a fixed limit – each game and each round have a specified betting limit;
  • no-limit – the player can bet any size;
  • pot-limit – the most popular type of Omaha Hi, when the player cannot place a bet higher than the size of the pot.

The five-card Omaha is considered to be an ancestor of the family, and, in practice, it is no different from Omaha Hi, except that at the beginning of the distribution the players get not four, but five cards face down. Despite the fact that the players get more options for making up the final hands, this kind of the game is out of date, and it is rarely seen in online poker rooms and poker clubs.

Omaha Hi-Lo and Omaha 8 is even more exciting kind of poker games. In this game, both strong and weak hands contest for the pot.

If there are strong and weak hands at the table, the pot is divided equally between the owners. If there is no weak hand at the table, then the bank is taken by the player with the strongest hand. The weak hand is considered to be a combination of five cards that has no pairs and cards, which are higher than eights. Street and flush in the combination are of no importance for determination of a hand weakness. Thus, the weakest and the invincible hand is considered to be a "wheel" – street to five.

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